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The 83rd Annual Cotton States Cat Show


The Cotton States show is known for elaborate ring decorations and this upcoming show will be no exception.

The first Cotton States Cat Show was held on December 2nd & 3rd 1938 at the Atlantan Hotel. There were 118 cats and kittens entered in that first show. Read more in Club History.

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The Cotton States Cat Club, Inc is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization that has been producing Cat Fanciers’ Association licensed cat shows in the Atlanta area since 1938.

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Our show entry list is now "closed" and we are excited to announce that we have 256 cats entered in this year's show!

We will be awarding "Top 15" in each of the Kitten, Championship and Premiership Finals!

Click "Read More" for the list of all of the different cats that we're hosting, and the number competing of each.

You can find descriptions of the different breeds at the CFA website, "Breeds" page

Abyssinian 5
American Bobtail 1
American Shorthair 6
Balinese 1
Bengal 4
Birman 4
Bombay 4
British Shorthair 10
Burmese 12
Burmilla 3
Colorpoint Shorthair 3
Cornish Rex 7
Devon Rex 6
Egyptian Mau 2
European Burmese 1
Exotic 17
Household Pets 31
Japanese Bobtail 8
Lykoi 1
Maine Coon Cat 19
Manx 5
Norwegian Forest Cat 1
Ocicat 5
Oriental 4
Persian & Himalayan 50
RagaMuffin 4
Ragdoll 6
Russian Blue 2
Scottish Fold 5
Selkirk Rex 7
Siamese 9
Singapura 1
Somali 1
Sphynx 7
Tonkinese 4
Turkish Angora 2

I love cat shows!

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What is a Cat Show?

Cat Shows are a fun occasion for all cat lovers to see many different cat breeds up close. They can become more fun when you know what to expect and can follow the proceedings.

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Can I Show My Cat?

As well as pedigreed cats, many cat shows, including the Cotton States Cat Show, may also judge the Household Pet Class (HHP). Many of our local rescue groups in fact enter some of their residents in the HHP competition.

Learn more about showing your cat here...

CFA New Bee group

What About Agility?

Some cat shows offer Feline Agility. While Cotton States has offered this in the past we will not offer Agility this year. If you are interested in Feline Agility, see the link to the CFA Cat Show Schedule above for an upcoming show near you.

Learn more about Feline Agility here ...

CFA Feline Agility Program

Is there a Youth Program?

Some cat shows offer the CFA Youth Feline Education Program (YFEP). The program is designed to allow youth to enjoy the cat fancy and excel at their own pace through the activities and age categories while enhancing their appreciation for felines and feline inspired professions. This year Cotton States will not be offering this program.

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CFA Youth Feline Education Program

Where can I learn more about cats?

Do you love cats? Are you curious about cat breeds and personalities? Did a lovable stray stroll into your life and win your heart?
Join us as we celebrate the felines in your life! Learn about cat behavior, health, history and more. Participate in a community where cat lovers like you are the stars - CatsCenterstage!

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